Another day, another dogūüĆě


Meet Pebbles who was walking in the park the other day¬†with his human George. Because of the beautiful weather we’ve enjoyed¬†in the past week, there have been even more dogs than usual in the park. Pebbles is one of the regulars. Here he is last May, showing off his sleek, shiny coat.


Pebbles is not the first greyhound adopted by George. Back in 2013, I took the picture below. Unfortunately I can’t remember¬†the name of that dog, so I’m hoping George will remind¬†me the next time I run into him in the park.


Obviously George loves greyhounds and provides them with a very good home near a great park where they can exercise. That’s one of the wonderful things about dogs. Adopt one, and you are guaranteed a faithful companion and regular walks at least once or maybe two or even three times each¬†day…in all kinds of weather. Rocco and his person Erika ¬†(below) were taking their daily walk¬†when I saw them along the trail in Chagrin River Park. It was February, and the ground was covered with snow, but Rocco¬†was still a happy dog trotting along the trail¬†with Erika.


Rocco is a real fashion-plate, “dressed to the nines,” as the saying goes, and isn’t he cute? In the weather we’ve been having this week, Rocco didn’t need a coat, and neither did anyone else. For over a week, our temperatures have hovered in the 60-70+ degree range…every single day. Today’s high was 79degrees. Unbelievable! Truly! Now the¬†weather prognosticators are telling us that it’s all going to change—tomorrow. Sigh! But it’s been great,¬†having “May weather” in February, so I won’t complain…at least not too much. Let’s just hope, when May rolls around, we don’t have¬†February weather!

Thanks for joining me on the trail today.
See you soon.
Trail Walker

13 Replies to “Another day, another dogūüĆě”

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  2. Your weather has been unusual!! Glad you’ve gotten a reprieve. Love the Greyhounds. Our vet’s office has a resident Greyhound too and she is so lovable!


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