Twice surprised!

2017_03_27_Chagrin River Park_067

In the afternoon, the sky cleared a little, and I took advantage of the break in the clouds to do a little birding before sunset. I knew there would probably be a variety of birds along the trail near the fence post, so that’s where I headed.

2017_03_27_Chagrin River Park_069

To my surprise, a bluejay joined the others in their game of “grab and go.” It was fun to get his picture because the jays usually keep their distance. Instead of joining the other birds in the fun, they linger in the branches of nearby trees, occasionally squawking and swooping from branch to branch; however, one of them was curious tonight, and I was able to get several good shots of him in action:

A song sparrow also joined in the fun.
2017_03_27_Chagrin River Park_0822017_03_27_Chagrin River Park_077

Then, as I was squinting through the lens, waiting to see who would appear next, I got a surprise. Instead of a bird, here is what I saw on the top of the post:
2017_03_27_Chagrin River Park_0742017_03_27_Chagrin River Park_0732017_03_27_Chagrin River Park_0722017_03_27_Chagrin River Park_071
Dusk was falling, and it was a few seconds before I realized the  chipmunk had scurried up the fence post to get his share of the peanuts, but when I did, I got a good chuckle at how quick and clever he was. Light was fading by that time, so I decided it was time to head for home. And that was the end of this trail walk, but it was fun while it lasted!

Thanks for joining me on the trail.
See you soon. ~Trail Walker

18 Replies to “Twice surprised!”

    1. That little chippy made me smile. Squinting through the lens I didn’t realize at first that the bird that had just been on the stump had “become” a chipmunk. Quite a surprise!


  1. Wonderful, wonderful! I love those little chippers. They keep to themselves, and they never try to come into the house. Sometimes our cat will bring one in, but that is a different matter.


    1. I think they are adorable; although a chipmunk did destroy the AC unit at our daughter’s house a few years ago, putting it totally out of commission for the summer. I don’t dare say chipmunk and adorable in the same sentence to her or her husband.


  2. Great captures, Carolyn. I had to look up that first sparrow – my guess is a Field Sparrow. I realized that blue jays have been largely absent from my feeders this winter. Hmmm. I heard my first song sparrow yesterday. So happy to have the migrants returning.


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