Three owls

Look closely! Can you see all three great horned owls?

2017_04_18_Places_Chagrin River Park0060-Edit

There’s Momma Owl on the left, and next to her are her two owlets taking their naps. I’m not sure how old the babies are, but rumor has it that they were first spotted by a sharp-eyed birder a week or more ago. But that is just rumor, so I will have to confirm it. I only heard of them two days ago. This nest is about a mile from our house, on one of the trails I frequently walk. With these owls, the recent “big bird” sightings in our neighborhood has increased by three: the eagle and pileated woodpecker I posted last week and now a great horned owl and her owlets. It’s been a banner week for big birds. I wonder what will be next?

See you soon!
Trail Walker

17 Replies to “Three owls”

  1. This nest was discovered by Jeanne Hrenko on 4/3. We were trying to keep it quiet to protect the owls. Unfortunately, a few irresponsible people found out about the nest and did not follow ethical guidelines. One individual even chased the mother out of the nest because he wanted to get a flight shot! Now the park has put yellow tape around the area to keep people from getting too close. The babies should fledge soon, and I hope the mother will find a more isolated spot to nest next year.


    1. Honestly? He chased the mother off the nest? He should be arrested for disturbing the peace. Disgusting! The people I’ve seen watching the nest have been considerate and even a little awe-struck by the scene.


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