Feeding animals in the park is frowned upon, and I understand why, so I don’t feed them…most definitely not the deer because that could create unpleasant and perhaps even frightening situations for other walkers. However, I will sometimes drop a few peanuts in an out-of-the-way spot or hold out a few in my hand, just for the little birds. And they will demonstrate remarkable persistence, just for that little piece of shelled peanut.

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People could learn a lesson in persistence from the birds, and persistence is a very valuable trait. So if someone tells you that you are stubborn, just remind them that you are persistent, not stubborn. Words do make a difference!

See you soon.
Trail Walker

11 Replies to “Persistence”

  1. They are so grateful Carolyn. Today I took safflower seeds for the cardinals as a treat. However, I scattered some peanuts for the squirrels, two male cardinals spied them, seized the opportunity and swooped down. As to feeding the Park critters, it gives them and both you and I a warm feeling.

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      1. I was just guessing on the Bark Butter Bits being available at Wild Birds Unlimited because when I shopped there years ago, they had all kinds of treats for birds. When I Googled, that’s where it came up. I will try there as I promised Phil I’d stop by and meet his wife and see their new store. It was a long-time dream of his to own that store as they both love birds and he had many orthopedic issues as a result of his years in the HVAC business. At the park I visited today, some kind person put out several treats on a pole and on a small tree by putting out suet, seed socks and feeders. What a nice gesture for the critters!

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      2. I will, I plan to go to one of the state parks when it warms up a little more and will have to go near their store in Woodhaven to get there, so will send an e-mail beforehand to see if they have some in stock. Meanwhile the cardinal at the park is not taking the safflower seeds. He watches me spread them on the path, then comes down for a peanut and flies off very quickly. That’s okay – I’ll keep trying to entice him and the female for a treat. I got some shots this morning, but not close-up. Your owl pictures are just owlsome, er awesome! I feel like I could reach up and touch that owl and owlet.


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