Peaceful morning trail walk

Rising early this morning, I knew I had a busy day ahead of me with places to go and people to see. So I chose to start the day with a quiet walk in Chagrin River Park, and that, as Robert Frost might have said, made all the difference. Join me and take a look.

2018_09_28__ Morning trail walk_0002
Pedestrian bridge over the Chagrin River
2018_09_28__ Morning trail walk_0012
Morning shadows on the river

Two views of the fire pit. On this chilly morning…jacket weather, someone had come early to build the fire, well before I got there.

2018_09_28__ Morning trail walk_0009
A man was tending the fire, but he was some distance away.
2018_09_28__ Morning trail walk_0006
Empty benches

Before long, I had to leave the park and hurry off to begin my day. It was as full and busy as I had expected, but a glorious day for the end of September. Autumn was in the air!

Thanks for joining me today. Hope to see you soon.
Trail Walker

12 Replies to “Peaceful morning trail walk”

      1. I would love to do that Caroline … unfortunately it has been years since I drove on an expressway. I used to not mind driving on expressways, especially when I went to Toronto to visit my grandmother … three different expressways to navigate through the last half hour of the trip. But every time we went there was more construction and people drove way over the speed limit. Since I took the bus for over 30 years and now work from home, I drive less and less, so I have to force myself to even take trips like to Lake Erie Metropark which I mentioned in another comment and is a 30-mile round trip for me. I have to take my car out occasionally for long runs … as it is, it is tethered to a battery trickle charger 24/7/365.


      1. Safety is important. Too bad the sidewalks aren’t fixed. Sadly, the situation is the same in our town. The sidewalks are in terrible shape. In the U.S., it’s all about cars and trucks.


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