Fall festivities


Fall festival at Patterson’s fruit farm is a wonderful family occasion…especially for those who have small children in tow. However, Bob and I don’t have small children or even small grandchildren. The youngest grandchild in our family turned 21 in April, so we usually avoid the fall festival, as colorful as it is. But on this day, when our visit to the doctor (to get some stitches removed from my face) took us in the direction of Patterson’s Fall Fest, Bob had an idea that appealed to me in more ways than one! He said, “Why don’t we stop at Patterson’s to get some apple dumplings?” How could I say “no” to that proposal? Had it been a Saturday or Sunday, I would have said, “Let’s not. It will be way too crowded!” But it was the middle of the week, so we decided to take a chance, and we were thankful we did. Although there were plenty of visitors, the crowd was manageable and everyone was enjoying the beautiful day. We had a great time, the apple dumplings, apple butter, and apple cider were delicious, and the view from the top of the hill was a bonus…especially for an amateur photographer like me. I couldn’t resist adding a few more “Color Me Autumn” pictures to my photo gallery.

Thanks for making the visit with us today. I hope you can find a fall festival to enjoy where you live. Be sure to take your camera…or at least your phone, which is the camera I had with me today.

See you again soon.
Trail Walker

3 Replies to “Fall festivities”

  1. Fall is my favorite season and the biggest enjoyment is the colors – I don’t know which is more colorful in your photos – the trees or those pumpkins and gourds. You’re not so far from me Carolyn – is your weatherman whispering the word “snow” for the end of the week? Ours is – snow showers for Friday and Saturday.

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    1. Hi Linda. So sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I just uploaded a second set of pictures from Patterson’s and realized my error in not replying to my earlier post. Sometimes I don’t keep up very well! We did have a little snow around the beginning of November, followed by more beautiful fall weather. Today, about 10 days later, we had more snow, but not much. The fall colors, another topic entirely, are pretty muted by now.

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      1. No problem Carolyn. Since the blogging took off around this time last year, I seem to while away an evening and time slips on by. I don’t start work until 11:00 and usually try to be gone by 5:30, 6:00 p.m. latest and already that is late. Before blogging I was in bed by 10:00 p.m. every night. Luckily I work from home. So you didn’t have much snow today – did you have ice as a fellow blogger works with a school and they cancelled school due to freezing rain. She works with special ed kids, so perhaps that is why but she lives near Sandusky. I had a picture of my roses and leaves in the yard covered in the snow we had Tuesday morning. That melted and then this morning we had it all: rain, graupel and then snow and this time it stuck unfortunately so there might go my walk tomorrow. Your pictures are always a delight to look at it. Your birds and deer are beautiful – I have mostly squirrels as my main subjects. 🙂


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