What happened to Autumn? Darn it!

The sugar maple has lost its beautiful Autumn color. I was feeling sort of sad yesterday when I took my Sunday afternoon trail walk, and saw what happened as a result of the rain, wind, and sudden drop in temperature in the past few days. The beautiful tree has gone into winter mode. So today I decided to post a few pictures of the maple that I had collected for my “Color Me Autumn” series.

October 3, 2018


October 16, 2018
November 4, 2018
November 7, 2018

And finally… the almost naked sugar maple tree on November 11, 2018

2018_11_11__Holden Arboretum_0002

I’m thinking it’s time to look forward to next October when I can start my 2019 “Color Me Autumn” gallery! That’s something to look forward to in the months ahead.

Thanks for visiting today. See you soon.
I’m not ready to let go of Autumn yet…
And I still have some Autumn pictures  to share.
Trail Walker

7 Replies to “What happened to Autumn? Darn it!”

    1. They are, Laurie. I agree with you. When I was a teenager, still living in the house where I grew up, I can remember gazing out my window at sycamore trees like those you describe. I thought then, and still think, that they are strong and beautiful. However, I can’t deny that I miss the beautiful fall colors once the leaves have all fallen to the ground.

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  1. I’m not ready to let go of Autumn either … tomorrow we will wake up to a couple of inches of snow – it is snowing lightly now. We went from heat, to rain and now to snow … I feel sad as well when I see how the tree is stripped of its beautiful foliage. Fall is fleeting.

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    1. Fall is fleeting; how true. How nice it would be if Fall could be 3/4 of the year! It snowed lightly this morning when I started out on my necessary errands, then rain, then slush. Yuck! And I had visits to make and shopping to do. Four1/2 hours later I arrived home, put everything away and made myself a cup of cocoa. Ahhhhh, nice!

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      1. Yes, Fall has always been my favorite season and I feel so cheated this year – we didn’t even have an Indian Summer and I doubt very much we’ll get one now. It was a messy morning and I was going to go to Meijer grocery store – they had suet on sale, 10 packs for $5.00, and that’s a good deal. I was going to get it to take to the birds/squirrels at the Park where I walk, but one look at the sky told me better not venture out – I took a chance on walking and the bad weather arrived before they predicted it would. I like sipping cocoa and looking outside after a productive day of errands.


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