Christmas 2018…Just a little late!

2018_12_25__dorsey's new home_0027Christmas wasn’t our typical family gathering this year. We weren’t exchanging presents because we’re all saving up for a special family vacation in July, which will be our gift to each other. On Christmas Eve, we got together for a delicious dinner at Becky and Marty’s house before Bob and I went to the 11 pm service. Alison had announced she would host us on Christmas Day, but there would be conditions!

1) The dress would be casual and comfortable (even pjs if that was our idea of comfortable. 2)Fondue, with both cheese and chocolate for dipping, would be the main course; 3) We could sit around and nibble for hours, on into the evening; and 4) No photography allowed! We enthusiastically agreed! Who wouldn’t agree to chocolate fondue and hours of relaxed nibbling? So on Christmas afternoon we drove out to Alison and Mike’s new home in the country for the first time. It turned out to be both fun and relaxing…and delicious too.

As you would expect, I sneaked a few pictures that I forgot to download to my computer when I got home. Today, however, Gretchen who lives in Arizona and wasn’t here to celebrate with us, asked what happened to the pictures. That was when I realized they were still sitting in my camera on the memory card. I have to admit that is carrying casual a little too far. Sorry Gretchen and other far-away family members!

And, yes, Alison’s “conditions” made for a perfect day! It was definitely comfortable and relaxing, and maybe even the start of a new family tradition.

A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!
~Trail Walker

7 Replies to “Christmas 2018…Just a little late!”

  1. Hear, hear about perfect! Over the years, we have streamlined our Christmas so that now it’s an appetizer meal, all of which can be made ahead of time. Lots of yummy dishes to eat, and those who host actually get to enjoy themselves. But back to your post…oh, those dogs!

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    1. I’m all in favor of streamlining family get-togethers. Our family gatherings were delightful this year, with Christmas Eve dinner at Becky’s before church and the casual Christmas day at Alison’s. Our daughters are happy to host, and I’m happy to relax!


  2. I love that view from the table and chairs – I’d be forever staring out the window, waiting for something to run out of the trees, similar to what you see – the lovely deer, beautiful birds or those cute owlets last year.

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    1. So right! They do have a great view. Their dogs seem to love it too, but right now it is so muddy around the house. It will be much better once they get the yard and garden in, and Mike (son-in-law) is a gifted gardener. I know it will be beautiful.

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      1. Yes I saw they had no grass, but if they just moved in, there was no sense in putting the grass and garden in right now to let it languish in the cold Winter months. I’ll be it will be spectacular when finished!


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