When the snow finally fell…

 I saw a walker hurrying toward me…

2019_01_22__chagrin river park_0116

Then I noticed why she was in such a hurry.

A big buck  behind her was closing in!

2019_01_22__chagrin river park_0127

And right behind him were two more bucks, headed her way.

2019_01_22__chagrin river park_0120
Look closely! There are three bucks in this picture.

With a healthy sense of self preservation, I clicked off a few pictures, swung around, and left them all behind. Following the trail that  led to the sledding hill, I paused to capture a few pictures of the sledders. Nobody was warming up by the fire pit because they were all on the hillside having fun.

2019_01_22__chagrin river park_0148

2019_01_22__chagrin river park_01362019_01_22__chagrin river park_01352019_01_22__chagrin river park_0133

Also along the trail today, flitting among the trees and just possibly hoping for some peanuts or other tasty treats, I saw birds who don’t seem to mind the cold weather…

2019_01_22__chagrin river park_0098
Mrs. Cardinal, her feathers ruffled by the wind!
2019_01_22__chagrin river park_0097
Mr. Cardinal
2019_01_22__chagrin river park_0083
Mrs. C. with a peanut
2019_01_22__chagrin river park_0069
And a pair of chubby titmice, their feathers fluffed up against the cold.

2019_01_22__chagrin river park_0062

Heading towards me, I saw a happy little dog, bundled up in her winter coat…

2019_01_22__chagrin river park_0150

…bouncing down the trail, and Atka, a big dog with an Eskimo name, according to the person with him.

2019_01_22__chagrin river park_0071

Winter sunsets happen quickly in this latitude, and the afternoon was rapidly waning. It was time to follow the trail back to the parking lot and head for home. I hope you enjoyed today’s trail walk. Cold weather is coming our way…really cold weather with temperatures hovering near (or below) 0 degrees F. Don’t look for me on the trail for a few days…not until the temperature moderates to something around 23 degrees or higher. I’m fine with winter and snow, and all that, but there is a limit to my tolerance for frigid temps. Here is one more shot from the trail; then maybe for a few days I’ll snap some backyard birds at the feeders…from inside my kitchen window… until the weather warms up again!

2019_01_22__chagrin river park_0157


Thanks for treading the trail with me today.
Trail Walker

9 Replies to “When the snow finally fell…”

  1. Such beautiful shots Carolyn, from the deer on the trail, and amazing how that one was directly behind and except for the extra set of antlers, he’s almost invisible, to the beautiful birds at the end. Love the titmice and the cardinals and their peanuts, especially the one with the head tilt. This weather will be horrid – already is horrid out there … I’m staying indoors too except to go out and run the car, then dash back.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks Carolyn – I passed that post on to a woman who lives near Traverse City. She has bird feeders and mentioned all the deer coming around her feeders, so she shared some of the corn from her chickens in a birdbath for the deer, then took pictures from her window. TJ sure enjoyed your deer photos.


  2. Loved this post! Shared it with my husband and wished we had a park like this in Eastern PA. You know how to bring it to life. I’ve been following your blog for a few years and have enjoyed you posts. I really loved your final photo. Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Bonnie Michelle. We are really blessed with some great parks here in northeastern Ohio. BTW, I grew up in southeastern Pennsylvania (York County) and went to school in Philadelphia. I love that area too. Thanks for popping in and leaving a comment on my blog.


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