Too cold for trailwalking


As I warned in my last post, right after spotting the red-bellied woodpecker above, our temperatures plummeted and for the past several days have hovered around zero (F). Yesterday the high temp here along the south shore of Lake Erie peaked at zero degrees Fahrenheit and went down from there. The “feels like” temp, given the wind chill, was many degrees lower. It was, as I had expected, painfully below my acceptable trail walking minimum of 23 degrees, so I resorted to backyard birding…through my kitchen window. Here are a few of the birds I saw this morning after we trudged out to refresh the feeders.

Starlings arrive in large groups
They are pesky, but, taken individually, can be cute.
Sometimes they search under the feeders.
A solitary tufted titmouse

That’s all the backyard birding I have time for right now. Maybe I can capture a few more later, but I wouldn’t blame them if they all found a warm spot to huddle together out of the wind.

Thanks for visiting. Hopefully I will soon be back on the trail. Our temperature is supposed to moderate in a day or two. I’m thankful for that prediction because I have had enough of this worrisome sub-zero stuff. I’m fully aware that, while I am warm and cozy, as I watch the birds through my kitchen window, many others aren’t so fortunate. Some have to search out shelters for protection. They need our prayers when the weather conditions become treacherous, something that seems to happen with increasing frequency in recent months, or maybe I should say years.

Stay safe, fellow bloggers, and give thanks for your safety.
Trail Walker

9 Replies to “Too cold for trailwalking”

  1. Glad to have the temperatures relaxing a bit – it sure has been brutal Carolyn. Your starlings look different plumped out and with white tips on their feathers. I am used to seeing them looking more iridescent when the Summer sun catches them and they seem to sparkle. Way too cold for walking and I think it’s going to be too slippery this weekend as well. I might be staying put by the looks of it. They say our rain will turn to black ice as the ground is too cold.

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      1. Same here and we had that wind ranging from 30-40 mph. It has subsided a little this afternoon, but still cold. I hope to get out this weekend for two walks if the weather cooperates – it’s been too icy or windy to get out this week.


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