Backyard birds online again

2019_08_19__Summer 2019_0084

Since early June I’ve been off the trail more than on it! Two months have passed in what  has been a very busy summer, and I have chronicled very little of it. Shame on me! So to get started again, I am posting a few pictures from my backyard birding collection, starting with a few hummers who stopped by the feeders yesterday:

Like the hummingbirds, the pileated woodpeckers, both male and female, have visited every day for weeks, early morning, again at lunchtime, and finally in the evening. Take a look:

And yesterday the bird featured at the top of this post and also below made an appearance. The bluejay I recognize, by sight and sound, but the other bird is not a regular at my backyard feeders, so I’m not sure what it is. Can someone please tell me?

That’s all for today, Trail Walkers.
See you soon!

10 Replies to “Backyard birds online again”

  1. Your bird is a European starling. If you don’t get them regularly, you are lucky. They are an invasive species. It is either a young bird or one just transitioning to nonbreeding plumage.


  2. As always, I enjoy all your photos and do know what you mean about having a busy summer. We have too! Had to shut off my comments on Blip because I have no time to reply back even though I’m still posting pictures. Your backyard is a wonderful haven.

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    1. Hello Camille. Great to get a comment when it has been such a long time since I posted anything. Painting, removing wallpaper, etc, etc. have taken up a lot of our summer. We did get away for a family vacation for a week, and I will post some pictures from that soon. Thanks for stopping by today.


    1. Hi Linda. Thanks for stopping by. I have been much too busy this summer, and even though summer is winding down (I know because the school buses are coming down the street), I still seem to be way too busy. I have lots of pictures to post. Hopefully I will get caught up in the month ahead.

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