An abundance of pileated woodpeckers

2019_08_07__Summer 2019_0239

For the past month, these Woody Woodpecker look-alikes have been regularly visiting the trees in our backyard. They’re not nesting here, but every day, morning, noon, and night, they fly in, help themselves to the woodpecker blocks and suet cakes, and provide us with entertainment. Just look at this pair. I’m no woodpecker expert, but I am guessing, from their behavior, that they are juvenile woodpeckers.

I’m not sure if they are playing, attacking each other, or maybe engaging in some kind of romantic ritual. Hopefully someone can explain it so we will all know.

2019_08_07__Summer 2019_03032019_08_07__Summer 2019_0286

When I watch them cavort from tree to tree, I’m reminded of my days as a middle-school teacher. There’s never a dull moment!

2019_08_07__Summer 2019_0167

Enjoy their antics as you watch this slide show. Some of their expressions are hilarious…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That’s it for today’s backyard birding post. I hope you enjoyed your visit.

See you soon!
Trail Walker

17 Replies to “An abundance of pileated woodpeckers”

  1. Those are great shots and the slideshow too Carolyn. It’s nice to see the real-life “Woody Woodpecker. The red feathers on the top almost resemble a red cap and that seems to give them a comical look as well.

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  2. You have both adult and juvenile birds. The adults are feeding the juveniles and showing them how to use your feeders. I had pileated families at my old house and saw this behavior, but don’t have any feeders where I now live.


  3. You have both adults and juveniles. The adults are feeding the juveniles and showing them how to get food from your feeders. I used to get families like this at my old house, and I do miss them.


  4. Beautiful views of Lake Erie and bluffs. We were at the ither end on whiskey island to see monarchs today! says:

    These are an amazing set here Skip!! I loved seeing your post🤗


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