A Boy & His Dog

Wally had a great time playing by (and in) the river with Bryan on his visit to northeast Ohio. Actually, maybe it was Bryan who was having the most fun, although he didn’t have to get in the river to have fun and for Wally, being in the water was the most fun he had all day.

That’s all for today. See you soon!

Trail Walker

3 Replies to “A Boy & His Dog”

    1. Hi Laurie. I am such a dog lover that I took great pleasure from posting these pictures of Bryan and Wally. Bryan is our oldest grandson, as I think I mentioned in my last blog post. Bob and I have three grandsons living in AZ, one currently living in New York City, and Bryan in Washington DC. We also have two wonderful granddaughters, but only one of our grandkids, Emmy, is living near us, while she is serving an internship in Cleveland. We love them all deeply and wish we could see them much more often, which is why this visit from Bryan and his dog Wally was so special

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