A Bad Day for Ducks

For months I have been mostly MIA from my blog posts. I’ve missed sharing with my blog friends the news about life along the trail and in the backyard, and I’ve definitely missed the exercise; so I decided this first day of the new year would be a good time to get my feet back on the trail and start moving forward.

On Christmas Day 2020, we had snow in northeast Ohio…A LOT OF SNOW. The weather forecast had everyone caroling, “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas,” building snow forts, picturing snowball fights, and reminiscing about the fun we had playing outdoor when we were kids. It was wonderful! Great weather for blogging! Unfortunately, a few short days later, the snow changed to rain and then to slush. The snowmen melted and we suddenly found ourselves splashing in puddles of rain…A LOT OF RAIN, which created slippery trails and a sea of mud in the backyard. The birds flew elsewhere to shelter, and the birdseed I sprinkled on the ground and in the winterized  birdbath for them to enjoy was literally floating on water.

As  you can see from the picture above, we are currently not having the greatest weather for trailwalking; however, having made the decision to get my boots back on the trail, I will not be deterred. I’ve decided, and I’m determined! See you as soon as the rain lets up. Unfortunately that didn’t happen today…

But hopefully one day soon….
Keep your fingers crossed
and your boots
and rain hat ready!
~Trail Walker

6 Replies to “A Bad Day for Ducks”

  1. Hi Camille. I apologize for not replying sooner. For some reason I’ve been having a problem with my blog. Hope to get it fixed up soon.


  2. We had just two inches of snow here in SE Michigan for Christmas Day and it melted thankfully, but we had freezing rain and it was treacherous yesterday/today. Now 1-3 inches of snow and I am already counting the days until the snow disappears for good. Glad to see you back Carolyn!

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