Trail Walking in Chagrin River Park

Trail walking is one of my favorite outdoor activities, and Chagrin River Park is one of the best places around for trail walking. Even on frosty winter days with a chill in the air, I love to walk the trails, camera in hand, taking pictures for my blog posts.

We moved into our house, within walking distance of the park entrance many years ago, long before Chagrin River Park was officially created. Back then, when our daughters were very young, living near the river was a big attraction. In spring and summer we would wade in the water or pick berries that grew along the paths, possibly eating more morsels than we carried home in our buckets; and after the sledding hill was developed, it became a popular location for visitors when the snow began to fall. Over the years, there has not been a season when the park wasn’t a major attraction for families in our community.

Eventually our girls and their friends grew up and moved away, but the popularity of the park has only increased, as countless people have discovered what a wonderful place it is to bring their children, walk their dogs, fit in their 10,000 steps each day, and enjoy other outdoor activities. We’ve rented the picnic shelters and gathered there with our church group; and many years ago, when the pedestrian bridge was opened to expand the park, making both sides of the river easily accessible, I was one of the neighbors there to witness the ceremony.

Today, many years have passed since Chagrin River Park first opened to the public. Every day, year-round, fishermen, hikers, families with children, and other nature-lovers come here to enjoy the beauty and peace of the surroundings. I spend a lot of time on these trails, and I cannot imagine our community without this very popular and wonderfully maintained park.

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