Making her escape

Making her escape

If you saw an 8-point buck heading your way, wouldn’t you run too?

2013_11_25_nature_010I would, if it looked like this! I saw four of these fierce looking fellows on the trail today. The does wanted nothing to do with them. Nada! Nothing! Can you blame them?

4 Replies to “Making her escape”

  1. Great buck photos! I have lots of photos of does and bucks with stubby little antlers, but nothing as impressive as this one.

    I’ve never heard of “daily blipping” before.


    1. Hi Bugs! Thank you for noticing that I have finally returned to post something on my blog. It has been very neglected while I was so busy with photography classes, redesigning my smugmug website, and, of course, daily blipping. Only so many hours in a day!


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