Birds in the bog

Another chilly day in northeast Ohio, but the sun was shining…cause for celebration! i went to the park really hoping the bluebirds would be flitting in and out of the nesting boxes, but there was nary a blue beauty in sight. Disappointing! One of these mornings it’s going to be warm, the sun will be shining when I wake up, and bluebirds will be everywhere I look. Not likely, I know, but I can dream, can’t I? Today, instead of bluebirds, a few other feathered friends were eager for a photo op. If you have a favorite, I would like to hear about it in the comments. (If you want to see the captions, remember to click on the little “i” in the top corner.)

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That’s it for what I saw on the trail today. I suspect the warbler migration is on hold because of the chilly weather. That’s just a guess though, and probably not too factual, but there wasn’t much happening in the park. There weren’t even very many people, and I know they are waiting for warmer weather.

4 Replies to “Birds in the bog”

  1. I’m glad you had sunshine yesterday! It was FREEZING cold here all day with strong wind and not a ray of sun to be seen until around 8 p.m. But today we are getting clear skies — Praise the Lord!!

    Great photos of your feathered friends. I won’t try to say what is my favorite because I have a tendency to say “Oh, I love chickadees, they’re my favorite!” and then a few minutes later I’ll say, “Oh, I love tufted titmice, they’re my favorite!” LOL I realize I say that about ALL the birds! 🙂


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