Evening walk

It was a great time for a walk in the park.

The air was cool, but the late evening light was warm.

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Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed sharing my evening walk with you.

Skip aka Carolyn

On its own, a blog is a monologue.
If you leave a comment, it becomes a conversation.
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13 Replies to “Evening walk”

    1. It was more than amazing to get some warm weather, but then it disappeared. Today is downright chilly. The red-bellied woodpecker is a favorite of mine, but then I like them all-except maybe the cowbird. M


      1. Skip, I recently sold that lens and haven’t changed the photo. I now own a new Tamron 150-600mm lens. A little lighter, smaller but doing the same job as that big one. You could probably handle it. Oh, I forgot, it’s only a little over a thousand dollars. 🙂


  1. Hi Carolyn
    Joined your site to keep in touch occasionally as I only do blipfoto intermittently now. Good to see your photo’s here and read your words.
    Take care
    Beryl AKA BB x


    1. Hi Beryl. I’m glad to hear from you. Keeping in touch is a very good idea. Thanks for reaching out to me. I’ve made many good friends on Blipfoto and like to keep in touch elsewhere too. -Carolyn aka Skip


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