Long day and a productive photowalk

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It has been one of those days that started early and just kept on going. By the time I got out for a photowalk, the afternoon light was waning, but the birds were still active. I headed for the bluebird nesting boxes first; both mom and pop bluebirds were there, and perched nearby was a tree swallow, so I added his picture to my collection for the day.

Walking on, I headed past the bog, where I spotted flashes of bright yellow. Click, click, click! I captured several colorful birds, but at first I wasn’t quite sure what they were.

…until this handsome dude showed up on the scene…

2015_05_07_Chagrin River Park_150
…and I exclaimed, “Oh! Orioles! Both the male and female.”

Then they discovered each other, and I quickly captured the surprising interaction with my camera!

Gotta love witnessing that interaction, but the walk wasn’t over yet. On the way back to my car, I saw a downy woodpecker…

2015_05_07_Chagrin River Park_166

…a singing cardinal,2015_05_07_Chagrin River Park_183
…and a very shy mystery warbler who was hiding in the underbrush.
2015_05_07_Chagrin River Park_189

And that was the end of the evening and the very productive walk in the park. If you liked it as much as I did, feel free to comment. I would love to know if you had a favorite picture.

Thanks for stopping by today!
Skip aka Carolyn

5 Replies to “Long day and a productive photowalk”

  1. It looked like a wonderful walk with plenty of bird friends to accompany you! Your “mystery warbler” could possibly be a black and white warbler, if it didn’t have any yellow on it. If there are areas of yellow on the breast, wings or butt, it is a yellow-rumped. We have been going out to see a lot of the migrating warblers and saw lots of yellow-rumped, and yellow warblers! I just ordered a field guide that is exclusively warblers because we had so much trouble identifying them last weekend! I did a post on our excursions from last weekend. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Camille. My daily photowalks followed by processing and posting pictures takes up the biggest block of my time each day. It’s those darn birds! How can I not give them top priority? They are so beautiful and the warblers are extra active because it is spring migration. They are just irresistible!


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