My new photo walking assistant

When I set out on my photowalk this morning, my dog Gulliver was with me. Gulliver is almost 13 years old, and, as happens with age, he is slowing down, but he still enjoys his daily walk in the park. Usually my husband is in charge of dog walking, but today, I hooked the leash on Gulliver, and off we went. Although I was doubtful about taking pictures while holding the leash, expecting to capture a lot of out-of-focus birds, I carried my camera over my shoulder, determined to do my best. I was amazed at the outcome, and that is what I want to share with you today. (Click a picture to scroll through the gallery.)

That’s the lot for today, and I am more than happy with my new photo walking assistant. I was especially delighted to capture the grosbeak, yellow warbler, and indigo bunting. Maybe Gulliver was my lucky charm today. What do you think?

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I hope you like the pictures.
Carolyn aka Skip

4 Replies to “My new photo walking assistant”

  1. Loved seeing the indigo bunting! We don’t normally get them here in southeastern Michigan, but we do see them at our up north cabin. Gulliver seemed to be the perfect companion and must have been very patient to let you snap photos. We have 3 beagles and I walk them almost every day but don’t even attempt to take my camera when I do! It’s a wonderful time for us “bird-brains”, isn’t it?! So much to see and hear. 🙂


    1. Love your “bird brain” appellation, and I agree that spring is a wonderful season for us…if we have the patience and the time. This was actually my first attempt to take both the camera and Gulliver. I was very happy with the outcome.


  2. You sure have some great looking birds up there and I do think Gulliver was a good luck charm!! The Indigo Bunting is gorgeous!!


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