I’m ready for spring, but…

When we woke up this morning, there were several inches of fresh snow on the ground. I know it won’t last, and I’m glad that it won’t, but this was just a little reminder that winter won’t let go yet. At least fresh snow is pretty, and this was the kind of snow that was clinging to trees and adding to the beauty of the trails in Chagrin River Park. “Time to capture some snowy pictures along the trail,” I thought to myself.

On the river trail, the snow-covered trees were a delight to see.

2016_03_04_Trailwalk_Chagrin River Park_0004
There wasn’t a soul at the fire pit and nobody had built a fire. That’s strange, I thought to myself, someone builds a fire every morning, even when it isn’t cold. Fire or no fire, I took pictures anyway, and then, wondering where everyone was, I snapped one of the sledding hill.

2016_03_04_Trailwalk_Chagrin River Park_0009
Approaching the fire pit
2016_03_04_Trailwalk_Chagrin River Park_0012
The fire circle was cold (and so was I)

Farther down the trail, I spotted two Canada geese swimming in the bog. They didn’t seem to mind the cold.

2016_03_04_Trailwalk_Chagrin River Park_0019

2016_03_04_Trailwalk_Chagrin River Park_0014

There weren’t many people walking in the park this morning, but I ran into a few, and took their pictures:


And of course I took some bird pictures. The red-bellied woodpecker was delighted to pose. It was probably the bark butter bits that caught his attention, and he, along with the white-throated sparrows, repeatedly flew in for  a taste.

The blue jay, as usual, was reticent. He prefers the tree tops to the bark butter bits. And that’s as it should be I guess, but I snapped his picture anyway.

2016_03_04_Trailwalk_Chagrin River Park_0008

2016_03_04_Trailwalk_Chagrin River Park_0033
The meadow

After a while the cold began to seep through my boots, and I decided it was time to go home, so I will leave you with one more snowy park picture.

Thanks for joining me for a cold walk. See you soon!
Trail Walker

11 Replies to “I’m ready for spring, but…”

    1. Thank you, Oneta. I enjoy photographing birds. These little ones are a challenge because they don’t stay still for long. I also like doing landscapes, and the recent snow has created some beautiful scenes..


  1. Nice shots. Just FYI, the red-bellied woodpecker in your photos is a female. Odd, because I usually see the male in that area.


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures. It was a lovely morning walk, but the snow melted pretty quickly. The following day we had another very light snow, which melted almost immediately. Typical March weather around here.

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