My current challenge

2016_04_30__Chagrin River Park_0045


To achieve my goal of improving as a photographer I like to set challenges for myself, and currently I have challenged myself to capture sharp, well-composed, and exposed pictures of the birds I photograph…not when they are sitting still, but when they are in action, grabbing a bark butter bit and making their escape so they can sit down somewhere to enjoy it. It’s not easy, and today it was a real challenge because the light wasn’t good. Good light,i.e. sunny days with blue skies, makes it easier to catch the action and get good details. Today was overcast, just about to start drizzling, and I didn’t get to the park until late afternoon. Not the greatest planning on my part. Nevertheless, I captured some action. In addition to the titmouse at the top of this post, here are a few others:

I had to set my ISO and shutter speed really high because of the dusk and threat of rain. Maybe we will get some fair weather one of these days. This just doesn’t seem like May, and I’m looking forward to a change!

Thanks for joining me on the trail today.
Trail Walker

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