Still practicing!

2016_04_30__Chagrin River Park_0232

Not the birds. They don’t need practice, but I definitely do! Today has been another cool and cloudy day on the south shore of Lake Erie, so instead of heading out on the trail in search of more photo opps,  I am taking this opportunity to post the rest of yesterday’s cloudy day B.I.A. photos. In case you missed yesterday, B.I.A. means Birds in Action. It’s all about trying to get good shots of birds that aren’t perched, or sitting on their nest, or taking a rest from their continual cycle of foraging for food, catching flying insects, etc. I’m trying to learn how to “shoot” them in action. Sometimes I get the shot I want, sometimes I come close, and sometimes they get away. But no matter what the outcome, I have fun, and the birds always get a bark butter bit as a reward.

The bird at the top of this post is a female cardinal, wearing her usual shades of red and yellow with black around the beak. They are not lookalikes for the brilliant red male cardinals that everyone recognizes, but I think they are just as eye-catching.  Below are a few more birds-in-action, all photographed during yesterday’s gloomy weather.

I’ve checked the forecast for the rest of this week, and it looks as if we will possibly see some sunshine on Friday. (Sigh!) Thanks for stopping by today to see what’s happening along the trail.

See you soon!
Trail Walker

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