I never would have seen…

2017_04_18_Places_Chagrin River Park0182
Peek-a-boo! I see you, but you don’t see me!

I really wouldn’t have noticed the little red-bellied woodpecker peering out from its nesting hole, but another, sharper-eyed photographer had located the nesting hole high up in a tree in the middle of the bog. He pointed it out as we walked past the tree a few days ago. So I have Randy to thank for this set of pictures, and I am delighted to give him credit for his generosity in pointing it out so I could take these shots.

2017_04_18_Places_Chagrin River Park0194
Peering back into the nesting hole
2017_04_18_Places_Chagrin River Park0191
I zoomed in closer for a better look.
2017_04_18_Places_Chagrin River Park0195
I’m not sure this is the same bird. Could it be a female?

I’m not absolutely certain if there is one bird or two, so today I returned for another look, but nobody was home. I guess I will just have to keep checking out the nest on future trail walks.

To be updated if there is more to share.
See you soon with more tales from the trail! ~Trail Walker

9 Replies to “I never would have seen…”

  1. Your bird photos are wonderful! Only in the past few years have we had red-bellied woodpeckers in central Maine. First, an occasional sighting. Now, I see them frequently.

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      1. Actually, it is. Although we still get snowy winters, our summers have become hotter and extend right to October. In fact in Maine, September is the new August. Cardinals are another relatively recent arrival. Didn’t have them in Maine when I was young. Now they are in my backyard.


  2. Great shots. This was a male – they have a full red crown, whereas the female has only a red nape. Males make a nest, then try to attract a female, so if there were no takers, he may have left. Let’s hope that is not the case!

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